zondag 10 oktober 2010

Pre-first-contact, 14 oct. 2010: finally First Contact???

Hello everybody,

Thursday 14 oct. 2010 it will be exactly 2 years since Blossom Goodchild made one of the most famous channeling-predictions (which did not come true), namely the highly worldwide anticipated "First Contact" that should have taken place on Oct. 14 2008 according to her channeling of the "Federation of Light".

So now with everything going around from the appointment of a malaysian U.N. responsable of E.T.-affairs some weeks ago till the discovery of an earth-like planet by NASA, it seems that everything is leading towards a certain point.......

Will this point be First Contact on Oct. 14 2010? That would be nice, very nice indeed. Let's hope they come around this time. I AM ready, are you ?

Have a great week and perhaps next time I'll write as subject "post-first-contact" :)!

dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Update on last "disclosure"-message, 2 channelings 04 Jan. 2010 (KOS-ASHTAR)

Monday, January 4, 2010

KOS Update January 4, 2009

KOS:There has been heightened activity around Sanaa in Yemen. Militias from NATO, EU, Russia, China, Japan, US, all running around with not much to do. There are hundreds of Warships in the Gulf Of Aden right now.They are surrounding an open StarGate in the Sea. Seven miles deep within the sea below the Aden Stargate is an awakening sentient consciousness creation with extraordinary capacity to assist in bringing peace to the world.The Secret Scientists are monitoring these anomalies and they report to Military Leaders there is nothing that can stop them. All Planets in our Solar System and our Sun are showing transformational changes in composition and magnetics. All 'Ancient-and-New Grids' are activating and will shortly demonstrate an unbelievable power by generating a 5D Crystalline and Electromagnetic shield/Firmament around the Planet and a horizontal force field that will make aggressive use of weapons impossible.With the Blue Moon Activation the Earth Grid has powered up the StarGate with FORCE energy.The energy has been building since December 31st. This second full moon in December was just the Cosmic boost which was needed to surge the Crystalline Earth Grid and Activate the Diamond Tetrahedrons inside Earth and open the StarGate as it had been open in ancient history.This Grid Activation is controlled by Ashtar from the Galactic Federation. On His Command ALL WEAPONS will Cease Firepower. We will launch the shuttles from our Mother Ships and we will bring the Servicemen and Servicewomen from all countries around the world home to their families.The escalation you see in Yemen is the final outcry from those who have been in charge of making war a very long time. They can see the MotherShips exiting the StarGate en Masse. They are aware that when the StarGate reaches its peak power that their weapons will no longer work.At that moment we will HAVE to announce Disclosure to explain why the soldiers are no longer fighting. Today US Secretary of State, Hillary, said Yemen is a threat Regionally and Globally. She left out Cosmically. This Statement is her final. There will be no more warring she can conjure once the StarGate fully opens.The Soldiers all around the World will be effected in that instant. They will look at their weapons in disgust, not understanding. They will look up at their buddies and at those they are firing at and notice no one's weapon is firing. They will radio their Commanders and it will happen in that instant, all over the World.The StarGate Aden off Yemen's Coast, IS THE FORCE which will deactivate all guns and weapons around the World. There will be a simultaneous World Peace. The Galactic Federation Ships will then move in to bring the Soldiers back to their Home Land, back to their families. Everyone will see these Ships and Decloakings will be underway.Envision Peace.~KOSMark and Beth www.GalacticRoundTable.com

Monday, January 4

Ashtar:Greetings, This is Ashtar.The Galactic Federation has been finalizing the details for Worldwide Mass Decloakings.When it happens there will be celebrating on every country on Earth. It is hard to imagine the magnitude of it.There will be televised broadcasts of those who are double agents now, coming out to say We Did This!There will not only be Mother Ships and their Shuttles seen in the sky, but also new technologies not before revealed.We will then pause a few days for Announcements so everyone can get a clear understanding of what has just happened.Have you taken in and thought about what this change will mean in your own life? Be prepared for that now.After you have wiped away the tears of joy, tears of release, then what will you do?Think about the Spiritual Service you came to Earth To Do.You all Have A Mission. This Mission evolves around selfless service to others. It is the reason you are on Earth now.Imagine, in a week or so, you have all the abundance necessary to carry out the Biggest Dream you can Imagine.There was a television show like this. The Teams were to give away as much money possible. It wasn't easy to do.What if St Germain walked up to you and gave you a Million dollars? What if he said he would pay you that, only if you can give away1 Million dollars in the next 1 hour? Could you do it? Who would you give it to? For what reason?What if you wanted to give it to Animals, or the Sea?How would you figure out who to call? Begin imagining your own personal scenario now.Dream Big Dreams because there are none that are impossible now.The only clue I will give you is, Make It Fun!!Spark Your Joy! Only by Selfless Service, Through Love will you find these answers.It will no longer be about surviving, it will be about LOVING. There will be no more fighting over things.There is enough abundance for Everyone!Love Each Other.We will immediately show you how to travel in your own craft.Begin to imagine where it is possible to go now.You no longer need to be the Grid Keepers.You are free to move about at will, to fulfill your dreams.How did that change your Vision of a Dream?There are absolutely no limits now.Be In Joy!Your Family is Here and We will Be Joining You and we will Dream into Manifestation a New Earth now.Blessings,~AshtarBeth and Mark www.GalacticRoundTable.com

zaterdag 2 januari 2010

January 2010: disclosure?

First of all: Happy New Year tow everybody, may all your dreams come true and above all never give up on your dreams! ;)

Today I read an interesting channeling from Metatron which I would like to share with anybody who might be interested in Disclosure - First Contact. Will it happen like the channeling says? Let's hope so...

Here we go:

Thursday, December 31

Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse New Moon Solar Eclipse
Archangel Metatron:
With this Blue Moon of December 31, 2009, comes a great force of energy which continues to
clear anything which will not go on to the New TimeLine.
It is a very good time to go down the To-Do List and clear off any projects which must be finished.
This is a wave of immense energy coming to the Planet from the Cosmos which makes it possible to implement the final thrust of changes before disclosure.
To some this will feel like unbearable pressure. There may be challenges with finances, relationships, career, health and others. Anything you have not attended to will be brought up for examination.
To those who have done their clearing and cleansing this period will feel like love and joy and orgasmic bliss.
It will feel like a warm breeze on a sunny summer day.
2010 is here now. In the first 15 days of the New Year, there will be the greatest changes that Planet Earth has ever seen in all of her Story.
The Decloakings and Landings will happen framed between these two Cosmic Events.
Be Love. Be Peace.
Happy New Terra Nova!
Mark and Beth http://www.galacticroundtable.com/

have a great New Year!

vrijdag 20 november 2009

Finally first contact? 21-22/11 + 27/11

Hello to whoever might read this blog,

Recently I saw an interesting you tube video from the disclosure group "Project Camelot" mentioning that one of their sources said this weekend 21-22/11 a giant ufo would hover above a big stadium in Florida, so nobody could deny any longer E.T.-existence.

According to the Project Camelots'source, short thereafter, on friday the 27th of November President Obama will be adressing the world that we are indeed not alone in this universe and a 2hour video will follow (says the source) in which 6 different benevolent alien species would be presented to humanity. A 2hour-television time has apparently already been booked on this date (27 nov. 2009) on the major tv-stations across the globe.

Will this happen? Yes, probably. On these dates? That remains the question, let's wait and see....

Have a great weekend!

dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

14th of october 2009, FIRST CONTACT? Perhaps, yes indeed, perhaps...

Tomorrow, on the 14th of october 2009, it is highly possible that first contact will be played out,
normally it should have happened on the 14th of october of last year (2008) A lot of people "felt" something very strange on this day worldwide but "they" didn't show up....

If everything goes according to the divine plan - on the road towards 2012 -,
then first contact is scheduled to happen in october-november 2009.

So let's wait and see!

Have a great week!
Dries Debaere

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